Meet The Sauce Guy


Before he was ‘The Sauce Guy’, Guy Sauce was just like you or me. He had a family, friends; the works. As he grew up, however, he knew that he was destined for more. As a boy, he used to help around the house as much as he could; mowing the lawn, washing the dishes, etc; then he’d go over to the neighbours’ house and do the same! Guy just loved helping anyone and everyone he met.

This penchant for kindness led Guy to all sorts of strange and wonderful places. He travelled around the world and back again, trying to help as many people as he could. Wherever he went; from the rolling tundra of Siberia, to the blistering sand dunes of the Sahara; he left a wave of happiness in his wake. No matter what the situation, Guy prided himself on being able to add some joy into the lives of those he met.

One day, as he was strolling through a tropical rainforest in the depths of rural Africa, Guy stumbled across a small tribe. Bolstered with confidence from his experiences to date; Guy took it upon himself to teach these people all he knew about contentment.

They took him in and, without a word, proceeded to put him to work. He was given two rocks and some unknown fruit off a nearby tree, which he was instructed to bash into a paste. Guy smashed and bashed the fruit into oblivion and tentatively dipped in a finger to taste what he had made. It danced on his tongue; the initial burst of acidity giving way to a subtle sweetness with molasses-like depth, and a round finish on his palate. The people there ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and called it tamarind; Guy was transfixed.

He remained with the tribe for a few weeks, eager to repay them with knowledge for exposing him to this wonder-fruit. As time passed, however, a realisation began to sweep over Guy. These people didn’t need his help. The tribespeople were the happiest, healthiest and most generous people Guy had ever come across. Not only could Guy not bestow his gift upon them, he himself learned a thing or two about happiness! He left the tribe a changed man.

Guy knew he needed to change tactics. All he had ever wanted to do was help people; but helping people one-to-one was never going to make the kind of change he envisioned. He ran to the Saucecave™ and set-about his work. His goal was to create something that brought people together around a table, a feelgood ketchup with his own, Saucy, twist. He would elevate it to new heights with this newly-discovered tamarind, as well as subtle spicing to let all of the flavours sing. Not only would this sauce enrich the lives of those who ate it, it would also aid in helping other people who are struggling with their own happiness. Guy’s vision was to spread the joy by donating a portion of his profit to mental health organisations worldwide.

This story, thankfully, has a happy ending. Guy succeeded. It’s here.